Step 1

Before starting the creation of the schedules its important to the first Category and then add Subjects within the category.


Step 2

  1. Within Schedule Type Field Select Repetitive Class.
  2. Within Selection Duration select Term Based.
  3. Add Start Date of Schedule or Term.
  4. Define how many lessons each term will have.
  5. Define how many terms there must be. So, here you can keep 1 term to have only one schedule created.
  6. Select single day on which the weekly classes must happen. Here in case of daily classes you have to add all the days on which class must happen. Say, you take classes from Monday to Friday so you will have to select all those days.
  7. Set the Start Time and End Time.

Step 2

  1. Check & Verify for all the lesson dates to come properly under schedule details, is there need to delete one that would be coming on some school holiday or national holiday.
  2. When all seems good then click on Next button.

Step 3

Fill Payment Details
  1. Generate Invoice for this class: Here decide whether for students that are added for them must invoice get generated or not
  2. Make Payment: Here selected whether the tuition fee be based on PER LESSON or PER SCHEDULE and then insert the fee amount in tuition fee section.
  3. One-Time Payment: Here add the fee that the students are supposed to pay one time like material fee, deposit, registration fee.

Step 4


Apply commission rate to your teachers.

Set Commission Type

  1. Fixed Rate: Define whether the commission has to kept fixed and follow one commission method.
  2. Conditional Rate: You can set slabs and define what slab has to follow what commission system.

Select Rate Type info, and then click on Save Class button.


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