Launch your content

Upload your well-crafted content into our media management feature and sit back, let it meet its audiences.

In-app streaming

Now your content is live on our site! You could notify your users about it or let them discover it organically when they're ready.

In-app purchase!

Worry not, our media management is integrated to payment system. Users can proceed in-app purchase of your content directly from Flavor CRM.


One stop solution

Running a business is already complicated stuff to do. That's why we're here to make this CRM system easier for you. Why bother to use multiple platforms when one is enough and can do it all? Think again.


Never lose your content

Ever created a specific content and now not sure where it is now? No worries! We're going to save all your content in the cloud for you, no extra charge.

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Congrats! You’ve found the best CRM software in the market.
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