Gain data insight

Gain data insight on ALL elements in the system. Users, instructors, sessions, payment, leads, you name it. All data are available.

Set benchmarking

Never limit yourself. Set a target! Evaluate your current status and set a goal you'd like to reach.

Generate reports

You already have so much on your plate - why bother still creating reports? We'll create them for you!


Adjustable dashboard

Our CRM software will present you a personalised report of your data based on your preference. Whether it's a stand-alone or combined data, make sure to learn something from it.


Improve team's performance

One way to improve your business growth is by encouraging your team to aim higher. With our team's performance report, you could easily tell which patron performs better/less than the others. Use it to communicate your future goals with your team to boost their productivity.


You’ve found the best CRM software in the market.

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