Multiple communication tools

Do you have a specific message you'd like to send to your user? Easy done. Pick one communication channel (email, SMS, in-app message) that suits your need.

Broadcast to all users

Don't waste your time sending message manually one by one. Easily broadcast message to multiple users/clients. No one miss out the update!

Cloud-based contact list

Every contact you have is important for future reference. Keep them altogether and organised in our cloud-based CRM system. We’ll keep it safe for you. Access it anytime you need.

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Collaborative communication platform

Why should you go back and forth from one communication channel to another if you can do it all from one platform? Manage all the communication flow within Flavor CRM and keep your team informed on the history of every conversation with any users/clients.

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Retain and reach ex-users

Today's no could be someday's yes. Hey, anyone can change their mind. Keep your hot-leads in your contact and give it another try later. Reconnect with past users/clients when the timing's right.


You’ve found the best CRM software in the market.

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