Why is Flavor the best CRM for School Management

With a CRM system, institutions of higher learning can develop relationships and engage in interactions with their potential students (enrollees and prospects), their parents, alumni, staff members, and employees.
Flavor CRM bridges the gap by making things easy through its numerous features which include lead generation and processing, lead to student conversion, student management, Media Management, management and scheduling of classes, invoicing and trend analysis/student payment history, management of staff. These are some of the features that make Flavor CRM the best school CRM system.

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Improve lead conversion

Integrate your customer support form on website to Flavor CRM and you’ll be automatically notified when someone’s submitted question/complain.


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Web app integration

Flavor CRM becomes much more powerful when integrated with SMS, e-mail, call, HR software and accounting web apps like Twilio, Xero, Carbonate.

Communication, Carbonate, Xero

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Numbers tell the truth

Find your report of overall performance within certain period of time and make data-driven decision based on it.



Automated payment system

Reminder system gives automated notifications to both staff and students whose invoices are still unpaid.

Payment, User & Instructor

Introduction to Features of Flavor School Management System



With Flavor CRM’s easy-to-understand dashboard, get detailed insights into your employee’s performance and business growth.



Communication with the entire organization is made simpler with flavor CRM. Keep everyone updated with in-app features.



Manage and monitor prospects into customers with Flavor CRM’s lead management system. It makes the sales cycle easier.



Receiving payment, generating invoices, and customizing invoices according to the clients' requirements are some of the features of Flavor CRM. We are now integrated to Stripe, Paynow, and Xero also.

Benefit of Using Flavor as CRM for School Management

The Flavor CRM school system allows the institution to organize and manage classes both online and offline. Matching the best teachers that are suitable for each class and making sure that students get the best kind of learning available.

The system can be used to streamline tasks to make sure that the best resources are devoted to providing an atmosphere for intense and impactful learning with the best and brightest instructors.

An outstanding tuition center or institution ensures that the communication both within and between its staff, admin, teacher, and accounting officers is smooth and uninterrupted. Flavor CRM is a school CRM system that facilitates effective and efficient communication between the various personnel within the school or tuition center.

By doing this, it promotes cooperation between everyone which in turn fosters the proper running of the schools, tuition centers as well as making sure that there is adequate communication between the center and its students.

For a student to enroll in any institution, he/she usually wants their voices to be heard, and their concerns looked out. One thing that must not be left out is the ability of Flavor CRM to provide insightful feedback.

For the proper functioning of any educational institution, there is a need to have a management tool dedicated to providing effective and efficient payment of fees as well as running every operation that relates to finance. A good school CRM system should be able to cater to this need.

Flavor CRM is a tool that makes payment of fees easy and allows for the smooth running of financial operations through its system which automates the process of fee payment thus preventing the possibility of errors being made when the operations are done manually.

CRM Software that gives you immediate results


Lead Conversion


Revenue increase per sale person


Customer retention improvement

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