Step 1

Login into Flavor CRM with the valid login credentials.

Step 2

Click on Classes from the left sidebar.

weekly class-2

Step 3

It will take you to Classes list section, where all the Courses are listed

weekly class-3

Step 4

Select the + Create Class button

weekly class-4

Step 5

When you click on + Create Class button, it will take you to a new page, where Class details can be filled. Steps are given below.

Step 1. Select the Subsidiary and Branch

weekly class-5


Step 2. Fill the Class Information details.

weekly class-5.2


Step 3. Enter the Class Details and click on Next

weekly class-5.3

Step 6

Once you click on Next, Set Schedule page will open where you can set the schedule for the class.

Step 1. Select the Teacher from the list of the Teachers.

weekly class-6


Step 2.
If class is one time Weekly Class, select the One Time Class from the Schedule.

weekly class-6.2


Step 3. Select the duration, multiple days in a Row for a Weekly class Schedule. Pick the Start date and End date by click on Date box.

weekly class-6.3


Step 4.
Once you enter the Start time and End time, it will display the Schedule details accordingly for a Weekly Schedule. Click Next to save the Schedule details

weekly class-6.4

Step 7

The last step is to enter the payment details of a class. Enter the Payment details and click Save Class button to save your one-time Weekly Class.

weekly class-7

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