Step 1

Login into Flavor CRM.

Step 2

Click on Classes from the left sidebar.


Step 3

It will take you to class list and click + Create Class button.


Step 4

There are 3 main sections required:

  1. Fill Class Info
  2. Set Schedule
  3. Fill payment details


  1. Fill Class Info
    1. Select the Subsidiary: Select the Subsidiary from the list.
    2. Branch from the list: Select the Branch where your class will be conducted.


  1. Fill the Class Information
    1. Course Type – Optional
    2. Course Name
    3. Class Name
    4. Level – Optional


  1. Details
    1. Max Capacity of Students: Enter the maximum number of students to be enrolled in the class.
    2. Make up capacity – Optional: Enter the make up capacity if it is required otherwise leave it blank.
    3. Remarks – Optional: Add Remarks for the students, if necessary, before joining the class.
    4. Class Type: If Online Class mark the online class. If Class is conducted Online, mark the Online Class otherwise uncheck it.
    5. Start Class Immediately: Check Start Class Immediately only if you wish to start after adding.


  1. Set Schedule
    1. Select the Teacher for the Class.


  1. Schedule
    1. Schedule Type: Select Repetitive Class


  1. Schedule
    1. Select duration:
      1. Monthly Smart Schedule: If Class is repeated in a Month.
      2. Term Based: If Class is repeated on basis of Term.
      3. Custom Period: If Class is repeated on Specific Date.


  1. Schedule
    1. Class Date: Select the Start Date and End Date.
    2. Week days: Select the days of the week on which you want to schedule a class.


  1. Fill payment details: There are two types of payments: Main Payment and One-time payment.
    1. Main Payment: Main Payment consist of Tuition fees which can be paid Per Class or Per Session.
      1. Per Class: Select it if you charge the students Per Class.
      2. Per Session: Select it if you charge the students Per Session.
    2. One Time Payment: Enter the amount in required fields as per your Class requirements.
    3. Total Payment: Total Payment is sum of Main Payment and One Time Payment.


  1. Fill payment details:
    1. Commission: Apply Commission Rate for your teacher if it is required. There are 2 types of Commission.
      1. Fixed Rate
      2. Conditional Rate.

Select the Rate type and amount and click Save Class button.


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