Step 1

Login into Flavor CRM with login credentials

Step 2

Click on Payments from the left sidebar and then click Invoice

Paid Invoice-1

Step 3

Invoices details page will open. Click on Invoice tab. It will show all the invoices.

Paid Invoice-2

Step 4

Click on Filter Icon to show the only Fully Paid invoices.

Paid Invoice-3

Step 5

Pop box will open to select the desired filter.

1. The status Paid
2. Select Subsidiary
3. Select Branch
4. Select desired Course Type
5. Select desired Course Name
6. Select Class

After selecting the required data, click Apply to Apply the filter.

Paid Invoice-4

Step 6

Now only Fully Paid Invoices will be displayed. To Delete a Fully Paid Invoice, do the steps below

1. Select the Paid invoice from the list of Invoices.
2. Click on Actions indicated by 3 dots.
3. Click Delete to delete an invoice.

Paid Invoice-5

Step 7

Confirmation Popup box will appear to confirm before Deleting an Invoice.

Paid Invoice-6

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