Step 1

Login into Flavor CRM with login credentials

Step 2

Click on Payments from the left sidebar and then click Invoice

delete Fully Paid Custom-2

Step 3

Invoices details page will open. Click on Custom Invoice tab. It will show all the custom invoices created.

delete Fully Paid Custom-3

Step 4

Click on Filter Icon select the desired invoices.

delete Fully Paid Custom-4

Step 5

Pop box will open to select Paid invoice and click Apply to apply filter. It will display all the Fully Paid Invoices

delete Fully Paid Custom-5

Step 6

To Delete a Fully Paid Invoice, do the steps below

1. Select the Fully Paid invoice from the list of Custom Invoices.
2. Click on Actions indicated by 3 dots.
3. Click Delete to delete an invoice.

delete Fully Paid Custom-6

Step 7

Confirmation Popup box will appear to confirm before Deleting Fully Paid Invoice.

delete Fully Paid Custom-7

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