Step 1

Login into Flavor CRMs dashboard using the link. Enter the Username and Password and click the Log in


Step 2

Once logged into CRM, click on SSG-WSG from the left side bar.

multipal course-2

Step 3

SSG-WSGG section will open, click on Course Runs to add a Course Run

multipal course-3

Step 4

The Course Runs page will open, where all the Course Runs are shown. Click on + Add Course Run to integrate a course into TP Gateway.

multipal course-4

Step 5

Select the multiple classes that you want to integrate with TP Gateway, make sure room is assigned to the each class and click Next button

multipal course-5

Step 6

The next page will display the multiple selected classes.​

multipal course-6

Step 7

Fill all the required information into the next page individually, Information other than asterisk sign is auto populated from the database, information with asterisk (*) is mandatory, 

a. Class Information
b. Venue
c. Session
d. Teacher

multipal course-7

Step 8

If all fields are entered correctly, it will proceed to the next page and the confirmation message will appear as Course Runs Added Successfully.​

multipal course-8

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