Flavor is a web based CRM for schools and educational institutions. The system boasts having school management features such as:

  1. Lead generation and processing
  2. Lead to Student conversion
  3. Student management
  4. Parent management (where required)
  5. Class management and scheduling
  6. Invoicing and Student payment history/trend analysis
  7. Staff management
Concepts and Services

As you start working with Flavor CRM, it’s helpful to learn some key concepts and terms. They come up frequently when you interact with the product, our documentation, and our service professionals. The concepts and terms here help you understand how Flavor CRM is accessible and works as per your needs.

The Flavor CRM Admin Section

Flavor CRM administrator/admin is a Flavor CRM user who can access the whole CRM. Admin has been assigned all the permission across the platform to set up the Flavor CRM for an institute and monitor the performance for CRM to make sure it works properly and is responsible for everything. There must be at least one Admin.

Flavor CRM Editions

We offer various plans as per your requirements and organizational needs.

License Allocation

Permission allotting the number of standard licensed users in your organization.

Supported Browsers and Devices, Languages, and Accessibility Standards

Learn about the browsers, languages, and accessibility standards that are supported by Flavor CRM.

Additional Resources

Looking for additional resources? Check out our Knowledge Base section, video tutorials and more guides to get started with CRM.

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