The administrator (admin) is a user with system administration with full permissions. Admins are responsible for setting up Flavor CRM for their institutions and ensure that the entire setup is done correctly for the institution.

Admin users have normal as well as special permissions. Following the examples of permission Admins have

  1. They can add user accounts and specify what people can be granted as per their user profile.
  2. Admins can create users, give permission to access specific features of Flavor CRM, modify the settings, and have control over all the features of Flavor CRM.
  3. Admins can manage user profile information, add new users, update the settings of already created users, if required enable and disable the features for an institution as per their approval.
  4. Give you a user permission that’s not granted as part of your user profile.
  5. Answer questions about your own or others’ access to records.
  6. Find or use an object, field, or feature you heard about during training.
  7. Address those cursed error messages that ask you to contact your administrator for help or more information.

All Flavor CRM’S institutions must have one administrator. Your administrator’s role can be as simple or as complex as your size and structure of your institution.

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