This guide will help you to login and navigate through the Flavor CRM for better understanding.

Usernames and Passwords

Username and Password are unique login credentials assigned to the user while opening an account with Flavor CRM.

Log In for the First Time

Once you create an account with Flavor CRM, check the email that contains the login information.

Change Your Password

You can change the password and save it to a secret location. If you forget your password you can always click the Forgot Password button to reset your password.

Navigate Flavor CRM

At the left of each Flavor CRM page are tabs and links for navigating to major features in Flavor CRM.

Set Up Your User Profile

Your User profile describes more about your profile and designation to your colleagues and other people working in organization with you. It shows your photo and basic information like your designation title and contact details.

Explore the Flavor CRM Account Settings Menu

Flavor CRM Account Setting section provides many options for setting up, maintaining, and customizing your organization. The Account Settings feature is used by the administrators frequently.

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