This article will let you understand how to select the subsequent classes in the Registration Form if the class chosen is either a monthly or term class. 

Step 1

  1. Open the Registration form from the Organization/Branch module or from the Registration Link that is sent via email to the student from the Student module.
  2. Once the Registration form is opened, you need to select the Course Module and choose either a monthly or term-based class.
  3. Then choose the session and click on submit

Step 2

  1. Once the Monthly or Term-based class is selected, a checkbox labeled Register for Subsequent class will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Check that option to select the chosen class and also for the next term/month’s classes.
  3. The Total amount and class name chosen will get reflected under the payment information.

Step 3

  1. Enter the remaining details
  2. Click on Submit button. 
  3. The student will be registered for the chosen class and also for next month/term classes.


1) There is one class with10 terms we say as term-1, Term-2…..Term-10.

2) Students choose class Term-3 over the registration form.                                                                                                                 

3) `Register for subsequent classes` is checked.

4) Submit Registration Form.

5) Students will be registered in the chosen class and subsequent classes also. (e.g. Term 3 is chosen, then the student will also be registered in Term-3, Term-4,.. Term-10)

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