Step 1

Create a Category under the name you want to save your files and collections Category / + ADD Media Category

photo files and share s1

Step 2

Go to the Collections and click +Add Collection. Fill out collection title, select under which category you want to save your collection, and set a visibility type as Private (if you want to share only btw class)

photo files and share s2

Step 3

To choose files from the media page (already saved in the media page) click Choose Media To upload multiple files immediately, click Add Media (multiple)

photo files and share s3

Step 4

For the ‘Choose Media’ option, select files from the media list page and click the close button

photo files and share s4

Step 5

For the ‘Add Media (Multiple)’ option, select files from your computer (This option will probably be more interesting for Edunamics)

photo files and share s5

Step 6

Choose student or Choose Class to share and Save

photo files and share s6

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