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by Devansh Suri
Jul 31 2021
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Singapore is one of the countries known for being business-friendly, making it attractive to global investors. Since many business transactions need online and fast fund transfers, PayNow is one of the most popular fund transfer services used by many businesses in Singapore.

PayNow is getting a buzz in Singapore City.  Since April 2021, The Bank of Thailand (BOT) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) launched a linkage with Singapore's PayNow real-time retail payment systems.  It is considered the first of its kind globally.  Officers of these two organizations shared an insight that it will expand bilateral linkages of retail payment systems across ASEAN.  

PayNow paves the way for regional and fast cross-border payments from Singapore to neighboring countries like Thailand.   What could be the most satisfying buying experience than being able to transact faster and digitally?

But, what is the PayNow?

Let us head-on and get to know more about this fantastic online payment system.

What is PayNow?

PayNow is a fund transfer service that offers highly secured transactions.  It lets you send and receive funds from one bank to another using only a mobile number.  Unlike in the past, PayNow allows your bank account information keep in private.  You only need to use the recipient's mobile number or NRIC/FIN to send money as a sender. 

PayNow enables fund transfer easily with just a mobile number or National Registration Identity Card (NRIC). There is no more burden of entering a lengthy bank account number or pin that can be forgotten.  PayNow is working beyond the retail customers and is now being used by corporates, businesses, Singapore Government agencies, associations, and societies because of its easy, user-friendly navigation and many banks in Singapore. 

Which bank has PayNow?

PayNow Corporate is provided by eleven PayNow participating banks and three participating NFIs– Bank of China, Citibank Singapore, DBS / POSB Bank, HSBC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, JP Morgan, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, UOB, GrabPay, LiquidPay, and Singtel Dash.

As of the last quarter of 2020, PayNow has over 4.1 billion monthly transaction value and over 4.9 million registrations making this a trending online payment system.  PayNow is being provided free of charge to retail customers and is available round the clock.  It also features an option of scanning a QR code to make payments real easy and secure.  With all of these, PayNow offers more convenience in business transactions.

How to set up PayNow?

Setting up PayNow is as easy as 1-2-3.  Customers need to link their mobile number to the bank account using a participating bank or NFI mobile application.  Since this is a one-time registration step, you need not populate the fields every time you perform the fund transfer.

The Top Three CRM that works with PayNow

Sphynx CRM

Sphynx CRM is more prevalent in handling ISP billing 
and management solution.  It is specially designed to reduce the consuming and recurring tasks and activities related to sales and prospective customers.  It has a short module focusing on deals, documents, leads, and quotes in a very easy-to-navigate sales-focused dashboard.

Sphynx CRM boasts a mobile application for scheduling and customer relationship management.  Being a CRM with PayNow integration, Splynx is fully integrated with multiple different Payment Gateway. Clients can now pay for their invoices using Credit cards or their payment system accounts.

Iris CRM

Founded in 2010, Iris CRM is a premier merchant services CRM that services clients in the payments industry.  Iris is an acronym for "Integrated Reporting is Simple." It is a premier cloud-based application used by ISOs that is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. It aims to provide the most advanced business management solution that the payment processing industry has ever seen.

Iris CRM has more than 35 integrations in which PayNow is among these. It has a strong group of tools for any payment company that streamlines marketing, retention, and technology adoption.

Generally, IRIS CRM targets registered ISO working with multiple payment networks to board more merchants and increase merchant retention.  

Flavor CRM

Flavor CRM is one of the best CRM in Singapore. It is a web-based CRM system that can manage marketing, sales, & customers in a single platform with an excellent easy navigation dashboard.  Flavor CRM is also used in various learning institutions for school management and student recruitment.  

The Flavor CRM knows that education and technology are viral, especially when the pandemic hits many countries.  With this fact, Flavor CRM ensures that the need for cost and time-saving tools for managing schools from students, parents, staff, and the processes from recruitment is being answered.

Flavor CRM streamlines the customer relationship process from the whole sales cycle as a sales and marketing platform.  It provides quality leads, organized contacts, and other updates to help the sales and marketing team nurture customer relationships.  With these fantastic features, the team would have more time to focus on other essential matters requiring more human touch.

Flavor CRM works well with PayNow. It helps enhance the client experience in the sales transaction through a faster and seamless online payment. With the current pandemic situation, keeping away with handling money, receipts, and other documents is frightening. It is believed that these things may be a carrier of a virus. Good thing, with PayNow, Flavor CRM users can have a touch-free sales experience.  It adds value to the company because of gives serious implementation in hygienic matters.

With Paynow, Flavor CRM enables you to be integrated with eleven different banks and three NFIC in Singapore. Customers can quickly pay for the product or services. You can also easily collect payment anytime and anywhere you are.  

Moreover, you can implement these features in one platform. There is no more need to install another technology, software, application, and so on. Everything can be available in just a single platform with an enhanced user interface.

Why should CRM be integrated with PayNow?

PayNow is one of the most critical technologies, especially for small businesses like retail, trading, etc.  PayNow has a lot of features that make it favorable for a CRM to enhance the user's buying experience.

Basically, a CRM app is one of the most essential apps for any modern business, especially those keen on marketing and sales. It is no surprise that CRM apps today have many integrations that modernize processes and make selling even quicker and faster. With these, CRM must be integrated with PayNow for easier, safest, and fastest transactions. 

  • You can close the deal quicker.

  • It can be more secure.

  • More convenient for the customer.

  • You can reduce the number of services/apps you use.

  •  You get the full picture.

Take a look at these; CRM with PayNow integration can offer an online payment system that can automatically update the status of the customers.  Will they need a refund?  Did they send a payment already so that you can now ship the product?  

Suppose a customer sends the payment, and the product was not yet shipped or is not yet given attention because the merchant may not be able to update the status or profile of the customer. In that case, the customer may have an untoward experience.  This can lead to negative reviews, low ratings, and lower company value.

A merchant needs to offer the best quality of service to the customers, including providing an online payment system.  PayNow is highly secured because it only allows a mobile number and not a bank account.  Moreover, CRM with PayNow has a QR code system that makes payment faster and seamless.

Add value to the company with a seamless transaction

With the best buying experience, customers can give a merchant more referrals, high ratings, and excellent reviews.  All of these can help the business generate more revenue through the increase of sales conversions.

Indeed, with this better experience and services of PayNow, any company can have a better CRM that would forego various software. So say goodbye in retrieving your bank and account details and hello to easy fund transfers efficiently with PayNow. Let a CRM integrated with PayNow Singapore be your partner along with this journey and experience the excellent services offered.


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