How Do Tuition Services Bounce Back in the Coronavirus?

by Devansh Suri
Apr 25 2021
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The current pandemic has badly interrupted the education of students, be it in schools or in tuition centres. Institutions across the world and in Singapore are realising the benefits of embracing digital platforms to facilitate the learning process of students. While offline classes have their own advantages, we will increasingly witness students preferring a hybrid or mostly online form of learning.

So how can tutoring services leverage the Internet and use this difficult situation to cater to students and help them carry on their education? Let us first see how online tutoring works and how it has an edge over contemporary firms of imparting education in physical environments.

As with all things digital, this new platform of teaching requires new systems and software, so we'll also look at features required in a good CRM for a tutoring business.

  1. How Online Tutoring Works and its Benefits
  2. Eliminating Geographical Constraints
  3. More Personalised Approach
  4. Affordable
  5. Ease of Use
  6. Anytime Learning
  7. Feedback Mechanism
  8. Safer and Healthier Environment
  9. Features of a good online tutoring CRM System

How Online Tutoring Works and Its Benefits

Online tutoring has come as a boon for the education sector during the pandemic by ensuring the ongoing education of students worldwide. At the very basic, it involves a teacher or tutor and a student using a standard chat or video messenger.

However, there are more effective options that closely mimic real classroom or tuition ambiances the students are familiar with:

  • Online virtual classroom environments where tutors teach lessons using interactive whiteboards and work through questions or problems together with students.

  • Shared screens in which tutors share their screens, giving subject explanations for their students to follow. Such systems also offer messaging and other functions.

As mentioned before, online tutoring has far more advantages over the offline form of in-person teaching in a physical classroom setting.

  • Eliminating Geographical Constraints

The most obvious benefit of using a digital platform of education, especially during these times, is its accessibility. The student and the tutor are no longer constrained by their geographical location. All they require is a computing device (laptop, PC, tablet, or even a smartphone) and an online tutoring system.

  • More Personalised Approach

With online systems, tutors can assess easily and better engage with students. This helps them customize the study material based on the students' individual needs, enhancing their learning.

  • Affordable

Besides saving travel expenses, digital education is also more cost-effective. Many online tutoring companies and individual tutors offer discounts based on subject packages and duration of coaching.

  • Ease of Use

Kids are now extremely familiar with and comfortable navigating the internet and various web apps. They are more apt to learn on digital channels and efficiently use all the features and resources offered to make their education rewarding.

  • Anytime Learning

Most online tutoring systems feature recordings of the lessons, so students can access them and other reference material anytime at their convenience.

  • Feedback Mechanism

Unlike in a physical classroom, online tutoring allows parents to monitor their kids' learning as well as the tutors' quality of teaching. This helps in better understanding between them and creates feedback mechanisms to help improve the overall learning of students.

  • Safer and Healthier Environment

The current pandemic may be on its last wave, but there will always be other diseases lurking in the surroundings. With online tutoring, students and teachers alike can avoid the risk of catching any diseases or spreading them to others.

Tutoring services looking to bounce back during Covid and beyond need to invest in a good CRM system to complement their online teaching.

Such a CRM system would be specially created for educational institutions, so both the tutoring company and the parents can focus on superior learning for the kids.

Let's explore what an online tutoring CRM should look like.

Features of a good online tutoring CRM System

  • Automated Communication

One of the most important features of a CRM catering to education is seamless communication. It should enable tutors to broadcast bulk or individual messages, emails, and notifications to their clients.

  • Reports and Analytics

A good CRM should aid tutoring companies to get real-time data on their team's performance and their business's growth, thereby helping them make informed decisions.

  • App Integration

An ideal tutoring CRM system should be able to integrate with other software such as email, call, accounting, and HR to make it more versatile.

  • Efficient Scheduling

A CRM system should allow tutoring companies to organize and match the best instructors and resources to each class, thus providing an excellent learning atmosphere for the students.

  • Automated Payment

A CRM that can create customized and recurring invoices generate refunds, receipts, and sales reports help the tutoring services focus on teaching instead of performing administrative tasks.

One such online tutoring CRM system is  Flavor that specially caters to tutoring companies and schools and includes all the above features and more.

Online tutoring is not merely a trend now; tutoring services and the parents/student community are increasingly realising its benefits.

All it takes is an internet connection and a basic computing device for a tutoring services company to offer interactive, digital tuition with personalized and collaborative learning.


Devansh Suri

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