After Second Circuit Breaker – What you can do after 14 June 2021

by Devansh Suri
Jun 11 2021
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The second circuit breaker, in Singapore, successfully comes to an end on 14th of June 2021. Based on the MTF annex available here, these are some updates on how the safety measures will gradually be eased in Singapore.

Phase 3 (Heightened Alert)

14 June Onwards

  • School & Tuition Centres

Online Classes

Rules remain unchanged for schools & tuition centres


  • Social Gatherings

Group size limit

5 pax

Household limit (per day)

5 unique pax per day

Gathering limit

2 per day (regardless of whether you are going to another household or to an outside venue

(The house visitor limit does not apply for grandchildren who are being cared for by grandparents)


  • Workplace

There are no changes to workplace policies where in the default workplace should be work from home with no cross deployment and no social gatherings


  • Places of Worship, Cinemas, Weddings, Live Performances and Spectator Sports Events

Maximum crowd limit

250 pax (with Pre event testing - PET)


50 pax (without PET)


  • Hotels / Staycations

Maximum pax in a room

5 pax


21 June Onwards

  • School & Tuition Centres

In Person Class / Enrichment Centre

Students can have offline/in-premise  classes 


  • Dining In *YAY*!!

Group size limit



  • Gyms, Fitness Studios and Mask-off Sports Activities 

Indoor mask off activities can resume 

Class size limit

30 pax with a maximum of 5 pax in a group

Bear in mind, there must be at least 2m between group members and 3m between groups


  • Wedding Receptions

Maximum crowd limit

100 pax (with Pre event testing - PET for all attendees) 

Despite the relaxation of rules, we urge everyone to stay safe and healthy during these trying times. Also, recommend you all to get register for vaccination by going to this link


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