5 Ways CRM Software Helps Education Companies Handle the Back-to-School Rush

Hye Kong
Mar 04

It is that time of the year that hints at the beginning of a new semester in all schools and colleges. This means students will return to the educational institutes, which will put immense pressure on the administrative departments to deal with several tasks simultaneously. These tasks include scheduling meetings, responding to emails, answering inquiries by the parents, and updating student profiles, among others. Dealing with all such tasks manually can be a big problem, especially when educational institutes reopen after a long break. The risk of human error increases in such situations, however, such tasks can now be managed appropriately with the help of advanced Customer Relationship Management software. 

All you have to do is use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This software optimizes the workflow by defining a process for conducting various activities in a smooth and hassle-free manner. The improvement in processes enhances the positive reputation of an institute, which can go a long way in ensuring financial benefits. The CRM software assists in providing quality service to parents, teachers, and students, thus improving the school’s productivity. 

Without further ado, let’s see five ways how the CRM software can be beneficial in handling the back-to-school rush.

Keeps Record of Important Information

Keeping a record of the personal information about the teachers and students in a school is a demanding task; however, a school management system software allows you to gather all your students’ information in one place without much work. It automatically stores all the staff’s data without any need for manual effort, thus saving time and reducing the risk of mistakes. The CRM software can store all the relevant details about a student, such as the department the student is admitted to, the courses they have studied, their roll number, personal information, and their academic documents. 

Keeping Track of Emails Becomes Easier

Getting endless questions from parents and teachers, especially for starting school in this pandemic, will be hectic. The official mailbox of the school often gets bombarded with queries; which can make it extremely difficult to send a quick reply to all the emails received. This affects the reputation of the school. But not to worry, the web-based CRM solves this issue effectively. The CRM software can be used to keep the mailbox of a school well-organized with the help of the latest data management technologies. In addition to this, the CRM software also allows the management to respond to all the emails & messages timely by notifying them regularly until a response is sent to the sender. 

Scheduling Important Events Becomes Hassle-free

When the school reopens after a semester break, all the events start to take place, such as extracurricular activities, parent-teacher meetings, exams, quizzes, etc. To hold these events timely and effectively, it requires scheduling everything in a well-planned way. The CRM software comes in handy at this crucial time. It turns the emails into appointments and marks them on your calendar within just a few clicks. Thus, saving on time, mess and errors. 

Ease of Maintaining Financial Records of Students

Another huge work responsibility is for the finance department. The finance department has to deal with a number of things at the same time, which can increase the risk of a mistake. The finance department has to manage the details of accounts of students and keep them updated regularly. Managing these accounts for hundreds of students demands serious effort, however, it becomes easy with the help of the CRM software.

You can use the CRM software with customer portal technology that lets the parents handle this department. This portal gives them access to manage their personal information such as tuition fees, contact information, and account information. They can check and keep a record of their previous transactions and make payments online. This minimizes any kind of errors and makes the parents self-sufficient and well-informed about the finances of their children. 


The CRM software can make life a lot easier for various departments, especially when they have to deal with the reopening of schools after a long break. With this software, it can be easy to store and update data, manage financial records of students and streamline communication between parents and teachers.

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